Americans All reveals and preserves our nation’s history—and helps ensure its future—by connecting the dots between life, legacy, education and the American Dream.

Our social legacy network invests 85 percent of the membership fees generated by our Heritage Honor Roll and Legacy Partner home pages to support K–12 education and preserve our nation’s social, cultural, military and political history. Equally important, we enable . . .

  • Seniors to permanently preserve online their memories and achievements, creating a virtual library of stories and images recorded from their own perspective in order to educate, entertain and inspire future generations;
  • Professionals—athletes, entertainers, officeholders and service providers—to seize the opportunity to give back to the community for the support they receive;
  • Young adults to create changeable “selfies” to share their hopes, dreams, accomplishments and aspirations with a wider audience;
  • Military and domestic first responders to gain the respect and recognition they deserve from a nation grateful for their service and sacrifice; and
  • Businesses to acknowledge the importance of history and civics instruction while informing the public of the goods and services they offer.

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